Sunday, March 6, 2011

to be demolished

The old wing of the Chinese Hospital across the street from my home is scheduled for demolition. I have mixed feelings about it, but understand it isn't likely very quake tolerant and it is, after all, a hospital that needs to be ready. I'll miss the classic kitsch Chinoise of the eaves as well as the community benches out in front of it. Bruce Lee was born here, but that isn't enough to preserve it nor should that fact be a reason to oppose demolition. The noise and dust will impact the neighborhood at the same time that Stockton Street is torn apart for the Central Subway Line. SF is a young city, though, and its infrastructure must keep pace.

Brightest Night

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leslie said...

maybe you can salvage something from the demolition...a bench? a piece of the detailing? If I had a home and a garden in SF, I'd be there trying to scavenge whatever I could. It is a beautiful building, too bad it has to go. Glad you got a photo of it. x