Thursday, April 7, 2011

Frankie Says

Frankie Says
Frankie Says, originally uploaded by deanv41.

North Beach CItizens, a food bank and services center, held a fundraising auction at a gallery on Grant Avenue last week. This is a piece by Elizabeth Ashcroft, the second work of hers i've acquired. I had been with her at Vesuvio's before the gallery's closing party. It was a spirited night, let's just say, as i really shouldn't drink before bidding...
The show's theme was the vinyl LP as a medium of expression and a 20th century artifact. As a modern artist, Sinatra wanted to express a new emotion in a beautiful way, with the same set of colors as the past, but in a new light. He kept impeccable time, a cut of jib, a cool rhythm maintained over decades as the melody went from high to low and back again, like a record on a wall, turning 'round. Ashcroft riffs on the lyrics, arranging them on the grooves in hieroglyphics, as another language -- a new emotion -- one greater than words alone.

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