Monday, April 11, 2011

We Try to Sleep

In Seattle, 1999, i had a position at Experience Music Project on the curatorial staff, which was the penultimate job, really rock'n'roll, more so than i ever hoped for before or since. I was driven to have it, it must be said. I saw that EMP was under construction at Seattle Center as i rolled into Seattle. Then & there i knew i would eventually work in its guts. I did.
That isn't really the interesting story. The music, first & foremost, was it; then the people, too many and many too familiar to mention [the guitarist for The Gits, parts of Mudhoney, et al.]; then the artifacts, like Jimi Hendrix's polka-dot jacket or Roger McGuinn's guitar, turn turn turn.
The music from The Pacific Northwest helped tune me into music that had its minor chords but also an uplift. No one played to the press as there was hardly any, but to the friends in the audience.
Low was around then, in the background, not a part of it.
In 2005, they decidedly dropped out.
Now they're back with an album called "C'Mon."
Low is from Duluth, Minnesota.
The sound of their music is a reminder of a singularity of purpose in music that has nothing to do with commerce. It has echoes of Galaxy 500 & The VU, but is its own thing.
Low's concert at Seattle Center's Old Opera House in 1999 really moved the people there, during Bumbershoot, an annual festival. It's an indelible memory of mine. One of their kids came onstage not even realizing it was a concert, chattering to his parents like nothing was up. That made the crowd love them even more.
The video above is "Try to Sleep," from their new album.

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