Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Central Freeway at Market

The stretch of Market Street between Church and Van Ness wants to be a district of some sort but has never had much of an identity since I've lived here. It is called variously Deco Ghetto, Mid-Market (though it isn't, technically), Hayes Valley, the Intermission, and a few other tags that never stuck. It is in transition, to put it lightly.
One of the biggest changes over the past decade is the removal of the overpass. Today, the Central Freeway dumps all traffic right on to Market Street, which has its own set of problems, but the overpass isn't missed. There's a much brighter sense of light in this area as a result.The Central Freeway from the Gay & Lesbian Center
This is a southerly view of the traffic on the Central Freeway as seen from the Gay & Lesbian Center where the Pride Kick-Off Party happened. You can see one of the last record shops in San Francisco, Grooves, across the street next to It's Tops Cafe.

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