Monday, June 27, 2011

Yigit Pura: Celebrity Grand Marshal

Yigit Pura, Celebrity Grand Marshal

Project Runway aside, I watch very little "reality" TV. It jangles my nerves. I enjoy a good cooking show but not cooking competitions. The vibe in a commercial kitchen is already so intense and explosive that the thought of being entertained by watching what goes down there as a way of unwinding after work is ridiculous to me. Project Runway, though, is an exhibition of the creative process and the judges seem fair.

That said, i keep enough track of San Francisco's food scene, not to mention knowledge of the Gay Glitterati, the A-Listers, to know about Yigit Pura, winner of last year's Top Chef - Just Desserts. He's an ultra-charming master pasty chef who perfectly represents a certain generation of young San Franciscans -- very talented especially in the kitchen, naturally Out, accessible, and put together cute as a button.

Here he is on Spear Street at the Parade's staging area as an avid fan spots him. His response was so welcoming that it inspired me to capture it. I spotted him later around the dance stages on Larkin Street having a good time on a great day.Yigit Pura at Pride

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