Sunday, July 10, 2011

Early & Lansley's House of Memory

WHO BECAME THOSE is the title of this short film by Jacky Lansley and Fergus Early. I found it on Vimeo as I was looking for footage of England in the 1970s. It juxtaposes photographs and motion pictures of London in The Seventies with 2009. By blending these eras, Lansley & Early create a mesmerizing, arty portal to their past.
Bermondsey: there where it meets the south side of the Thames, just east of Tower Bridge, the place Dickens wrote horrific descriptions of in Oliver Twist. The city's most notorious rookery was a stone's throw beyond the false creek of Shad Thames; a fetid, gaseous docklands overrun with jerry-built tenements and hard scrabble. Butler's Wharf in this longtime arts district has much countercultural history including venues that launched Derek Jarman and other video artists in the late 1970s. Today, it is entirely redeveloped.

The filmmakers established a dance studio in the early 1970s on Lafone Street by Butler's Wharf. In WHO BECAME THOSE the pair revisit it. They are dumbstruck, dancing again but left asking indefinite questions.
Can we ever step into the same shoes again, to live the past presently? What is ever lost? What has become of this place and us? What remains besides the stones?

Jacky Lansley & Fergus Early - Who Became Those from Matt's Gallery on Vimeo.

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