Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smoke Ring for His Halo: Kurt Vile in Concert

"Raindrops may fall on my head sometimes but i don't pay them any mind,
then again i guess it ain't always that way..."
Kurt Vile at The Great American Music Hall by deanv41
Kurt Vile made one of my favorite albums of the year -- Smoke Ring for My Halo. It's a beautiful, haunted thing -- a blend of indie rock, masterly guitar work, electric fingerpicking, & solid songwriting. I saw him last night at The Great American Music Hall on O'Farrell Street. He's from Philadelphia and plays with The Violators, easily the longest-haired group on the scene since Screaming Trees. He hides behind his locks and sings in a blissful drawl. He may be reticent but the songs and his musicianship really carry the show. In his way he reminds me most of the late great Elliott Smith, who also had talent to burn & wasn't too shy to admit his love for Springsteen, but weren't exactly born to fame.
Here's a video of "Ghost Town" posted by Pilgrim's Progress on youtube, recorded live at AKA Records in Philadelphia last March.

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