Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvest Time: The Heirloom Season

These autumn weekends in San Francisco are jammed packed with events, as if the city feels it must try to do everythingallatonce. From September through the beginning of November, a person has to make hard entertainment choices especially as the weather is always at its most intense. The fog dissipates after its Summer-long residency and grey makes way for a genius blue that bounces off the surrounding waters and lights San Francisco in sharp fall shadows and sunscreen-worthy days at the beaches.
Then there is the bounty, The Fruit & Veg: California's Harvest. Nothing in America, perhaps the World, prepares a person for it. At every turn, on every table, a fresh and glowing, just-picked gem offers itself to the appetites.

Heirloom Season
I call it The Heirloom Season; our great and blessed bounty, the fruit of the land passed hand to hand down the generations here in California.

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