Friday, September 9, 2011

Skinheads of Today

Skinheads of Today by deanv41
Skinheads of Today, a photo by deanv41 on Flickr.

Of the very small handful of website i could really say are favorites, Flickr tops the list. It's like my 3rd eye on the world.
I watch my stats enough to know what attracts viewers to my photos but not necessarily what keeps eyes away. Shots i am hypnotized by are usually overlooked. Anything naughty gets a ton of hits, naturally. In San Francisco, that can be had fairly publicly so it's not like I'm giving anything away. So many show-offs around here. Shots of cops also get loads of attention. Of all the photos i've uploaded -- some 7500 or so since 2008 -- the one above currently has the most all-time views and 'favorites'. I took it about two months ago. I imagine it's a hit because 1) it's a decent male profile, 2) it's in a set taken at a famous kinky street fair that folks like to peep, and 3) the title: "Skinheads of Today." I think that's the hot button, the big driver. That, and the boots.

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