Monday, October 10, 2011

Boris at The Regency Ballroom

Boris 3

I unexpectedly caught Boris -- a long-running Japanese experimental rock band -- at The Regency Ballroom, Sutter & Van Ness, last Saturday night.
Every concert there is enhanced by the rich marble Gold Rush interior. Boris did an especially good job of drilling into my cerebellum, ears ringing and eyes still strobing from the show.
The psychedelic legacy of The Regency -- once owned by Chet Helms in the late 1960s & sight of early Acid Tests -- lent an extra few grams of heaviness to Boris' highly-active, rare Earth elements ~ melding towers of noise together as fission, burning through the floorboards; a Sound Syndrome from the very near future.
The Light from Boris at The Regency Ballroom

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