Sunday, October 2, 2011

Music in Pictures: HSBG11

Here's a few snapshots of some very fine musicians at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park today.
Chick Rodgers. She's got a LOT of spirit.
Chick Rodgers at HSBG11 by deanv41

3am music played at 3pm, AA Bondy is Saturday's surprise musical discovery-- desolation blues full of surf and roses.


I didn't get very close to Robert Plant and The Band of Joy, but the music floating through the trees and vales of Golden Gate Park hit a good spot.

Robert Plant at a Distance

Allison Moorer's rendition of "A Change is Gonna Come," as the sun set over Speedway Meadow stopped me in my tracks.

Allison Moorer

Seeing Robyn Hitchcock is never anything short of a blessing from the High Sorcerer of spider melodies and songs that fly. His coven is known to include Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch.

Robyn Hitchcock with Dave Rawlings & Gillian Welch at HSBG11

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