Sunday, November 20, 2011

Madonna Fukushima

Madonna Fukushima by deanv41
Madonna Fukushima, a photo by deanv41 on Flickr.

This incredible new piece in the window of SFMoMA's Artists Gallery on Minna Street stopped me in my tracks. It's called Madonna Fukushima by Chris Shaw. His response to the March 11th Catastrophe in Japan riffs on Hokusai's familiar Great Wave and classic Japanese block prints as well as the poster art for which Shaw is best known. He also used black light-active paint that must emit a dreadful glow at night. I'll have to return after dark soon to see. Madonna Fukushima is a vibrant, gorgeous but chilling work about an ongoing and unresolved disaster, one that is almost too overwhelming to really comprehend.

Fukishima Daichi

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