Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stockton Street Dig

Stockton Street Dig by deanv41
Stockton Street Dig, a photo by deanv41 on Flickr.

Peering beneath the streets into the guts of the city feels like a moment from the film Brazil, when a panel is removed from a wall and the nasty, heaving innards of urban infrastructure -- the complicated key to City Life -- are revealed.

Here, crews are making way for The Central Subway Line set to connect CalTrain, the connector to Silicon Valley; Chinatown; North Beach; and eventually Fishermen's Wharf. In its simplest scheme it may seem like a folly, but I like to envision it as a necessary right angle that will one day stretch rapid transit across the northernmost edge of San Francisco, from Pier 39 to The Presidio. Imagine if our system encircled our city rather than forming a single spur that runs from The Financial District to points South and mostly West. If, from The Presidio, a future line ran down 19th Avenue or Sunset Boulevard, to Lake Merced then a truly comprehensive, and more importantly, Rapid, transportation network would carry San Franciscans swiftly into the 22nd Century.
Ah, Infrastructure! Such a Necessary Dream.

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