Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Princess & The Pea

The Princess & The Pea by deanv41
The Princess & The Pea, a photo by deanv41 on Flickr.

Shreve & Co., the lux Union Square jeweler, has terrific Holiday window displays featuring revolving scenes of famous fairy tales and wildly expensive jewelry. I imagine I'll never set foot in the store, but I relish the window treatments. Here's a depiction of that famously petulant princess whose hyper-delicate nature marks her royal lineage. Some may quibble that it sends a negative image of women, but to me it might also speak to the thin-skinned character of allegedly important people.


DbV said...

Note: I like the Shreve & Co window displays; I'm not ever going to buy diamonds and pearls; I do not hate on charities; every fairy tale should be considered skeptically because there's always other messages in them than the obvious one and tales change depending on the times in which we read them; and many anonymous people have incredibly thin skin.

ak debb said...

It is illegal to harass/flame. Wonderful blog btw. Your work is amazing, your knowledge of your city and the world is most impressive. I enjoy this blog immensely. It is a daily stop for me!

leslie said...

You called it on the folks with incredibly thin skin. Yeah, this blog is excellent. Makes me feel closer to you and to San Francisco. x

DbV said...

I count myself as thin-skinned, honestly. What sort of people are these "Thick-skinned" ones? And why would that trait even be desirable?