Thursday, December 29, 2011

Temporary Autonomous Zones

New Year's Resolutions don't tend to stick, but I'm going to set this one in writing so it might have a better chance. 2012 is the year I'll be stepping WAY back from facebook, which has become a combination Total Information Surveillance Network and an annoying burr under my saddle. So expect to see a more robust Fleeting House in the coming months as I adjust my online life away from fb and toward the Temporary Autonomous Zone [TAZ] of blogger. The Social Network Effect is a strange force of habit that seems to have little reward. I don't really want to commodify my friendships and I'm increasingly uncomfortable mingling all my family, friends, and acquaintances in one pot. Comes a time when the high school reunion must end and the real work of inquiry, serendipity, and looking forward must begin.

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