Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time: Clock of the Heart

The theme is Time. Winter is the time of year to reset clocks, to adjust the time to the light outside. January brings its resolutions, its resolve to find the time or to make time. My sense of time is good, but still I'm surprised by its changing rate as I grow older.
I wasn't pressed for time today, but I just felt, and was made, more aware of it than usual.
I woke up to the bad alarm clock I bought a few weeks ago that won't keep proper time. I'm not exactly sure when, sometime around 9:30am.
At the Museum of Modern Art, I captured this image of myself at 2:42pm on a video installation screen. The artist built a kind of split camera effect but on a single screen. One camera is on a few second's time delay, so as you approach it, it register's what went on a bit earlier. As you move out of the center, though, a second camera reverts to real time and you are suddenly jolted ahead to the present. As you walk into the time piece, you become a part of its transmission. It disrupts time wonderfully.
I call this shot Time: Clock of the Heart.

As I exited through the gift shop, my eye settled on a number of nicely designed, and fairly priced, watches. So, I bought this watch by a local company called Tokyo Bay after a nice exchange, a good time as it were, talking to shop clerk who seemed happy to pass the time showing them to me. Watches: those particular wristbands that mark modern man's busy life. Here's mine at 3:06pm.

New Watch by Tokyo Bay

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