Thursday, March 29, 2012

Deactivate and Engage

I'm working this season to get a better perspective on real life/virtual life and tone down the noise from all the spastic yammering and political horse-pucky. So, in that spirit, I've deactivated my facebook account. Not for the first time, but I'm hoping this time it sticks. You want to find me? I'm at Fleeting House, a site I control (thanks blogger!). I've found the level of commentary on fb to be increasingly inane, another echo chamber for memes and bullet points issued by major political parties. It also does not matter what you post, it will just get swallowed by the voracious fb monster to be used against you by a future employer or other adversary at a later date. Honestly, if I were just coming up in the world, I'd hope to have the foresight to steer as clear of facebook as possible. Why should all your friends, your memories, your comments, photos, and the rest be monetized for the gain of a few wildly lucky young turks in Silicon Valley -- a VERY few, as fb will never be a positive economic driver, except for real estate in the trendiest neighborhoods of the Bay Area. So, here's to face-to-face and a good book. My "Social Network" is the City of San Francisco.

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