Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Connected Underneath

It's easy to grow nostalgic in the dark days of Winter. Last night, I was digging through old photographs, reminiscing, and choosing shots I might want to digitize. It's surprising how many random-nothing shots a person paid for back in the pre-digital era. You took your shot and hoped that it would be worth the processing cost, but very few of them really stand the test of time, beyond a sentimental reminder of a moment.
Here's one of me with an old boyfriend, Viktor, who was visiting me in San Francisco around 1994 or so. It's taken in The Poetry Room upstairs at City Lights Bookstore in North Beach, a very famous literary destination founded by the beat publisher & poet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, who is still around. Not too much has changed, except that the room is less funky, more sparse, but still a calming spot.

With Viktor in The Poetry Room at City Lights Bookstore circa 1996

And this is the way we were in Missoula, Montana, around 1990.

With Viktor in Missoula circa 1991

Viktor lives in Budapest now and I had a wonderful visit with him last year.
Here's a shot of us below the Buda Castle in Clark Ádám Tér taken nearly 25 years after we met, enjoying a rendezvous in Hungary.
Some things change, some folks moved on, and some are still around...

D & V in Clark Ádám Tér

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