Sunday, March 11, 2012

A New Morning with You

A New Morning with You
Such a crisp & pleasant morning in San Francisco as I walk down Jackson Street through Chinatown to the farmers' market on the waterfront.
Morning light and calm is precious. I try to catch the sunrise, but it's like a whole city or the moon. You want to capture its spirit in one resounding image to save for later. It inspires futile photographs that can never hold anything but small bright shards; hopeful relics of some great thing, a new morning, once come to life before my waking eyes.

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ak debb said...

Although I LOVE your blog, LOVE your pictures, LOVE your writing and insights... it's really difficult to look at the lovely weather there while being trapped in perpetual winter here. The snow along side our road towers over our car, the snow berms in our driveway are over 10 feet tall... if/when spring comes, we won't see our lawn till JULY. :/

On the upside, the northern lights have been phenomenal . It's supposed to be another good night for viewing tonight if it's clear. I'm thoroughly addicted to trying to photograph them. :)

Have a lovely Sunday!