Saturday, March 31, 2012

Parada 22

Parada 22 by deanv41
Parada 22, a photo by deanv41 on Flickr.

I finally checked out Parada 22, a Puerto Rican restaurant in The Haight Ashbury District, yesterday. The folks there were really friendly and inviting especially considering how this particular block of Haight Street attracts a ton of street kids often panhandling, dealing or being a general nuisance. Shop owners have a lot to contend with and burn out fairly quickly. Thus it has ever been in the neighborhood, caught in a hippie twilight but still an essential high Edwardian magnet for locals and tourists alike. As for the food, I had the pollo encebollado with Spanish rice, a salad, and fried plantains with a refreshing glass of sangria. The plates coming out of the kitchen looked lovely and warrant future visits to taste the full range of this wonderful, and to me unexplored, Cocina Criolla.

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