Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunny WInter Afternoons

Everyone's Out at Washington Square
Washington Square was full of folks laying about this past Sunday, enjoying the brilliant Winter day.
The weather has been remarkable, unseasonably warm and bright on the weekend, then bright & windy the past few days. A 4.0 temblor woke me up early yesterday morning, not violently but more a gentle, persistent rocking. Who knows if there is such thing as Earthquake Weather, if it's merely a state of irritation and sensitivity when a hot calm descends, or if it's a spike in atmospheric temperatures arising from ionic movement in the Earth's crust preceding quakes, lately there has been a sultry charge in the unstable air as well as unexpected moments of calm.
Look how quiet Grant Avenue appears in the middle of a weekend afternoon, as though no one's around, like time stopped.

Grant Avenue on a Sunday Afternoon in Winter

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