Monday, April 2, 2012

Klown Korps by Monarch

I know next to nothing about Gooferman or the Klown Korps Kollective associated with them, but I appreciate anyone's creative drive to dress up, get together and hit the town, or the Playa, or the klub, whatever. Fun for them, right, and doesn't everyone want a posse? As I drove down Mission past 6th Street yesterday, I happened to spot these klowns milling outside Monarch, a new and buzz-worthy nightclub on Seedy Sixth.
Klown Korp by Monarch
Word is the sound system here is one of the best in town and judging by the interior images on Monarch's website, someone put a lot of thought and money into the place.
Sixth Street, in case you don't know, is a central and notorious stretch of road that links SoMa with Market Street and The Tenderloin. Market and 6th is an epicenter of trouble. also marks eastern edge of Mid-Market , the hotly contested "Business Improvement District," between Union Square with it's high-end shoppers and Civic Center, the troubled Beaux-Arts District full of wind, politicians, and entrenched homeless on UN Plaza. Mental Health services abound and resident hotels, SROs, sit side by side with new high rise apartments and the all-important tourism industry. The spark from all this striking flint is just the kind of friction that burns down boundaries and new ideas are forged. The DJs here spin a combination of the very latest beats, mash-up hits that transcend old songs, and sad/bliss of Bathhouse Disco mined from the district's 1970s past. If you can hack the streets, the nightlife in this grotty heart of San Francisco is as good as it gets. Apparently, it's also the go-to zone for Sunday afternoon klown action.

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