Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paris through the Looking Glass

regarder en arrière sur l'île de la cité

In the window of a framing shop on Divisadero a trio of prints drew my eye.
I stood under my umbrella in a downpour looking at them in a reverie.
Certain cities are places everyone inhabits through books or films.
New York. San Francisco. Paris.
You have a sense you've been there even before you go.
The act of reading, going to the movies, or looking at art is a form of time travel via cultural manifestation.
To finally visit Paris is to go, like Alice, through a looking glass into old maps, legends, and prints in you mind's eye or in a shop window.
Nous avons tous été ici avant.



Anonymous said...

Gregorio Roth said...

I loved this article. I agree with you that it is often like Alice in Wonderland, or like a form of time travel. The problem with going somewhere is that things unfortunatyl change. So the memory is a postcard from far away, and may not be accessible again except through our dreams. "Our epoch, (on change) (on disregarding the old) in which money rules, tolerates the worst outrages upon the right of all to both health and beauty. It infects and soils everything. It kills Dreams! It Kills Dreams!" Rodin as interviewed by Anatole France.

DbV said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I wonder too if the absolute rule of money kills dreams.