Monday, April 2, 2012

San Bruno Mountain Time

southern reaches
See that highest ridge way off beyond the city, there to the right of Bernal Hill? It's San Bruno Mountain, the southern limit of the City of San Francisco, a protected mountain rising 1,314 feet that is one of the last remnants of the sort of scrub lands chaparral that used to cover most of the Bay Area. This shot was taken from the Nob Hill in The City looking south.
Yesterday while dropping off some library books, I picked up a trail guide to the Peninsula stretching south from San Francisco. It begins with a set of trails around San Bruno Mountain. As I had no plans for the afternoon, I decided I needed to get a nature fix so I rented a City Car Share vehicle and headed down toward Daly City. It was an inspired whim that left me refreshed with ocean air and in wonder of the stunning and varied landscapes of the Bay Area.
Here are a few shots I took as I hiked around San Bruno Mountain. It's so close to the urban buzz but feels like a remote sky island set aside for posterity. It costs $6 to park at the trailhead, but it's worth every penny to support California's parkland, the kind of real estate that clears the mind, helps beat back the Winter Blues, and eases the pressure of city life.


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ak debb said...

cool shots! Glad you got out and climbed that mountain :) xo

DbV said...

I'm in a funk that must be, literally, exercised!