Monday, May 28, 2012

Iconic Ionic Portico

The Portals of the Past is a grandiose name for this greek portico moved from Nob Hill to Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park during the reconstruction of the city following the Calamity of 1906. It had once been the entrance to the home of railroad baron, Alben Towne, on California and Taylor Street. A famous photograph of this portico frames the catastrophic aftermath wrought upon San Francisco by the great quake and fire. A century later, it's ionic columns grace the shore of a small lake; pillars now a gateway into nothing more than a great green reverie.

iconic ionic

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Shelly Wilkinson said...

Sad news indeed! We have to loose so many historical structure for the hit of climate frequently so we should take extra care of these because these are the signs of an era as well as the happenings of that time. It's very promising to see the recovered entrance after the damage by earthquake. Thanks!
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