Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sutro Bath Ruins

I was in a blue mood today, so as is my method lately, I rented a car and took off for nowhere in particular. I don't drive daily and am blessed to be able to walk to work, so driving for me is recreational and a way to clear my mind and listen to music. I went out to the oceanside to have a close look at Sutro Baths, the ruins of a once grand public pool on the northwestern tip of San Francisco. The atmosphere of the ruins, to be honest, made me even gloomier. As I looked out over the Golden Gate into the Pacific Ocean my mind was focused on the ongoing disaster in Japan at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant where things are far from resolved a year after the Great Honshu Earthquake & Tsunami. I've been hearing reports and reading more deeply (the mainstream press is typically AWOL) on the fallout, literally, of this Earth-changing event. The American West Coast is in the bull's eye of this catastrophe but it seems as if no one gives a damn. There's nothing for me to do about it, right, and worrying is futile. I suspect that may change as great waves of radioactive wreckage start washing ashore in the US. We'll soon be learning the difference between a rad, rem, sievert, and becquerel just like today's Japanese. Or we'll just ignore it like we do our foreign wars. I just look upon these ruins today and have an unsettling vision of the near future.


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