Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sea Cliff

Sea Cliff
Sea Cliff, a very posh district on San Francisco's northwestern tip overlooking The Pacific Ocean, tumbles downward to China Beach and Baker Beach. On a warm day we might be looking at any Mediterranean village from one of those stylish 60s films set in Capri or Cap Ferrat starring Bardot, Taylor, Delon or Niven. On a stormy day, though, it is more a vision of the Scottish coast, lashed by wind and sand, shrouded in fog and cold money.
Seeking the Western Headlands
Sea Cliff lies in a cove between The Presidio and Lincoln Park, the westernmost headland of the San Francisco Peninsula. Across The Golden Gate, the Marin Headlands rise up to Mount Tamalpais, a coastal range encompassing the northern entry to San Francisco Bay. It is the first neighborhood heralding the city a sailor sees from incoming ships on the way to harbor. It is a place to be gazed upon, not to touch but to admire, like some intricately-carved ivory tusk or an elusive vision reminding the voyager of home, this eternal port by the sea.

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