Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hibiku {echo}

This abstract pastel I did last night represents the idea of a wave or an echo from the 2011 Great Tohuku Quake off the coast of Japan last year. The flotsam is beginning to wash ashore here on the American West Coast. Hibiku is the Japanese word for Echo and the verb "to resound {響く}. P1140091
The anxiety that comes with this particular wave is all-encompassing. It is tidal, driven by a force beyond the moon, forged at the center of the sun. It is material, spiritual, nuclear, environmental, personal, abstract, dreadful and electrifying.
Is this one a portent of more intense repercussions, a great flow after the ebb like a Seventh Wave, or is it a one time thing?
It is an echo: the latest consequence emitting from Los Alamos and the atom split above Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the same chain reaction forced from a vessel below Chernobyl; the warning at 3-Mile Island. Now on the horizon of The Pacific Ocean rise Fukushima beams that herald The Anthropocene Age. In these rays we are given Trojan gifts made by man both for and against him.

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