Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's Not a Blog

For the record, Fleeting House isn't a Blog. A blog is either a Web Log -- a site that is driven by opinion & hyperlinks to other sites -- or a cross between Blah & ugg. Sometimes both. Fleeting House posts are almost entirely original content. There is a "Blog Roll" on the right of your screen showing the latest posts at sites that I am interested in following. I don't often post commentary about other people's web postings, and only occasionally link to youtube video. Blogs get no love, and lately are viewed disparagingly as though it's a lazy passing fad. Fleeting House emphasizes original content that illuminates the city for me and hopefully anyone else.
There. Straightened that one out.

1 comment:

Tahra said...

Oh Uncle Dean, Blah + Ugg, nail on the head!