Sunday, July 1, 2012

Occupied Indian

Occupied Indian by deanv41
Occupied Indian, a photo by deanv41 on Flickr.
Austin Street, a small service lane just off lower Polk Street in The Tenderloin, has recently come up as an active a mural site. The Mission has the most famous murals and mural lanes in the city but it's nice to see other districts take on the 'hipster epicenter' for graffiti's crown title. I expect in a decade or so, these times in The Tenderloin might be looked upon as fondly, through rose-tinted glasses, as The Mission's recent past is today. Zeitgeist is only evident in retrospect, isn't it. I really like this piece: Occupied Indian. The conflicted angst and ennui mixed with dissipation expressed here fits the times perfectly. And isn't he missing a hand and a foot? The mural's Occupied politics is shot through with pointed commentary, and double-entendre, on Native American life. This is just the sort of art that asks as many questions as points it tries to illustrate. Contemporary and potent.

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