Friday, July 6, 2012

She Haw at Milk Bar

For the Fourth of July, I joined my niece in The Haight-Ashbury District to see some bluegrass/down-home bands at Milk Bar. The headliner, Jugtown Pirates, are a well known troupe around town who bring old-timey music into the modern era with a touch of psychedelia -- sort of The Band meets Moby Grape. Here's a shot of the opening duo, She Haw, who played pleasant country-fried tunes in the Johnny Cash/Carter Family vein. I really like this photograph as it depicts a kind of melancholy nightlife -- high lonesome, if you will -- a vision of tiny musical voices in an overwhelming universe. It was a fun night, if only for the tourist who seemed to be from mainland China who stood inappropriately close to us and followed me into the restroom with his camera. It wasn't sexy. He seemed like a dorky anthropologist in a misapplied suit 'discovering' the natives in their American setting. Irksome. Honestly, tourists this season seem to be boorish in the extreme.
She Haw

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