Monday, August 27, 2012

Inner Sunset Farmers Market

Sunset District Farmer's Market
Yesterday, I poked around a Farmers Market on 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset District. The Afghan Bolani booth was a pleasant discovery, makers of a kind of pastry/quesadilla/stuffed bread-- pumpkin, lentil, spinach -- served with a mouth watering selection of dips and pepper jellies. As for the Market overall, I wouldn't say the prices were much of a bargain, but still I believe in Farmers Markets. Aesthetically, they enliven a cityscape with flowers, beautifully stacked produce, and handsome shoppers. More important, they are public sites that help tie a neighborhood's residents not only together with each other but with the region that surrounds the city. San Francisco's hinterlands are especially bounteous and for that we are blessed.

root vegetable
Rooting for Vegetables
Sunflower Power
Sunflower Power
the butter of the letttuce
The butter of the lettuce

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