Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Go Cart

No Go Car
Time now for a mild rant. The go-carts that buzz around San Francisco claim to be "computer-guided" which means a recording tells tourists which way to turn. It's a weird technicality that allows them to be rented out to tourists -- NOT locals -- as wildly dangerous toys to insert into major urban traffic, as though San Francisco is nothing but a kooky stage set for roller coaster thrills. The operating firms claim the carts are "guided" when, in fact, they are merely equipped with recorded instructions. Every driver in SF knows how annoying these contraptions are, but what really gets me is that, as a local, I'm restricted from them yet I have to put up with visitors whizzing around in them strictly for kicks. Sadly, it'll take a terrible accident before anything is done about them much less allow residents more options -- like Segways, which are also restricted to tourist groups -- to navigate the city. Tourism trumps everything here, which is why you can hang precariously off the side of a moving cable car and yet get ticketed for not buckling up in a private vehicle: double-standards in race for legal tender that does nothing to address issues of mass mobility in a our urban core.

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