Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Home in the Gloaming

The eastern side of San Francisco has been blessed lately with warm, inspiring weather,; a wonderful Indian Summer. I'm tempted to go to beach, but instead I have home work. The good kind, but work nevertheless.
Gloaming Home by deanv41
Gloaming Home, a photo by deanv41 on Flickr.
I've had to tear my place apart to really get it together.
After four years in this apartment, good time's for a change. I don't always properly move in to a place, expecting I'll have to move soon. But now I'm staying well put, so the house needs to look & smell like it ~ lived in, happily.
Until then, everywhere I look there's a chore to do. Task: create refreshed space. Digging through my encampment layer by layer, I throw out more bulk & mass; old clothes, magazines & crap furniture.
Then to resettle the homestead after a deep scrub. New lighting matters. A kitchen hutch and a stylish pool-blue wool & ash wood loveseat are on the way. Time to clear the cobwebs, dust all corners, give blankets some air. Fresh cut flowers in the vase and I'm likely to get another half decade out of this place yet.

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