Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Room Refreshed

It's all about the homefront lately. I've spent serious time rethinking my place so that I might get another half a decade's living out of it. After four years I finally decided to tear this house down and rebuild it, so to speak, give it a kick in the ass.
In the front area, the Sun Room, I needed a bench but not really a full-on couch. It had to be economical in space, design, and budget. This is what I came upon, a Thesi Loveseat by Lime Studio out of Barcelona. The fabric is pool-blue wool and its spartan design is fetching, sturdy and grown up. Add Grandma's shawl, a few throw pillows and it's a centerpiece. The floor lamp is from World Market. It's quite a score at $70, I have to say.
Voila! A refreshed room and a new lease on Jackson Street.
et voila

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