Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Set for Demolition

Set for Demolition
This Mid-Century Modern supermarket on Nob Hill is set for demolition. The googie style of architecture isn't well-considered in Northern California. It's perceived as a Southern transplant. I don't necessarily adore it in the Victorian context of this part of town, but the mixed-use dreck that is sure to replace it will do the neighborhood no favors. I call it "Shed Nouveau," a kind of 'deconstructed' architecture where all the bolts show, the hidden things are exposed, and in a quarter century it's corrugated exterior will look as crapped out as anything in the tropics of East Asia. Everyone's a critic, right? Here's one last look at this shopping center at Hyde & California, soon gone.

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Rachel B. said...

Yep - not looking forward to its replacement.